Here are the projects and initiatives keeping me busy, or still active

  • Contactually – Contactually’s relationship-based CRM helps you build the authentic, long-lasting connections that grow your business. By using the platform, discover the right person, and develop authentic personalized communication that keeps your business top-of-mind. In just minutes a day, engage your high value contacts to generate more repeat and referral business.
  • DC Tech Meetup – I’m one of the founders and co-organizers of the largest tech meetup in DC, and one of the largest in the country.
  • ProudlyMadeInDC – Marketing site for the tech community
  • Run DMC Logo Generator – A small little hack project that gets a surprising amount of traffic.
  • TalkToThe.Top – Intercom to Twitter synchronization tool – stay in touch with your top users.
  • Angry Shakespeare – Wanted to hack on the Slack API, so built a bot that lets you send Shakespearean insults to your teammates.
  • Internet High Five for Gmail – Being a giant nerd, I often drop in a “high five” into emails. I decided to spread the love.

Really, really dead projects

  • Get Metro Times – I got annoyed not being able to check times for the DC Metro from my phone and having to wait at the station, so I wrote an SMS tool to tell you the next few times for your station.
  • – DBAAS. Didn’t go anywhere primarily because I didn’t push hard to make it so.
  • Localnik – My current pride and joy, and primary project I am working on marketing. An online marketplace for odd jobs, where people can save money by hiring someone in their area.
  • Picket Fence Project – I’ve never had a chance to participate in an open source project, so I started my own! I wanted to build a tool that makes it really easy for web developers to handle user authentication. Check it out!
  • Facebook – No no no, I’m not one of those people suing them saying it was my idea. I do a ton of Facebook apps for myself and for others. It’s a lot of fun.
  • Alex Grossberg – I made a site for my girlfriend 🙂
  • BackwardBlog – A widget/trackback link bloggers can use to gather things from their readers and read it as an RSS feed. I really fought for this, but couldn’t get a single blogger to adopt this. Frustrated!
  • Tsviki – Web 2.x application directory, where people can. I let the UI go a little too overboard, and faced some serious UX issues where it was scrap it and start over or shelve it for a later period. Tsviki also happens to be one of my nicknames.
  • ThoughtFog – Similar to PostSecret. Users can anonymously post things, and other people can anonymously reply. RSS, tagging, etc.
  • YesterdayI – Wow this was old school. Lifestreaming project – every day, you would write a short line about what you did yesterday.