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Obama Widget, Version 0


I had an idea for a widget, and felt like brushing up on my Flash and Actionscript skills.
Here is a very very rough Version 0, with Clearspring already set up!
I have to work a lot more on the style of course. I’m also thinking that these narrow dimensions just arent cutting it.

PygmyBrowse – a small screen tree browser


Like so many things from my college experience, I never realized how amazing this was until years later. Rather than taking a “usual” internship at a government agency or consulting company for the summer, I instead chose to stay on campus for the summer, and in addition to a lot of relaxing, worked at two amazing labs at UMD. One was the Center for Satellite and Hybrid Communication...

At it again, the Debate Hub


When I first made the jump from a big consulting company to a tiny creative agency, I was worried I would be spending most of my time doing small boring web projects. Yeah, right. As if I the C-SPAN Convention Hubs that I wrote on earlier weren’t successful enough, we at JESS3 teamed up with C-SPAN and New Media Strategies again to launch the Debate Hub. I served as lead developer. Not only...

Tweet Tweet! StartupTweet is open!


Late last week Sam Huleatt approached me to tell me about a side project he was working on, in addition to his company and main product. I, while working for JESS3, volunteered to help out, and whipped up a logo for him. Sam launched it today. StartupTweet is an open forum for people to make micro-posts. You’ll be able to subscribe to the content over Twitter. Pretty neat, right? Check it...

Zvi Band Relationships are our most important asset.

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