Zvi Band Relationships are our most important asset.



PygmyBrowse – a small screen tree browser


Like so many things from my college experience, I never realized how amazing this was until years later. Rather than taking a “usual” internship at a government agency or consulting company for the summer, I instead chose to stay on campus for the summer, and in addition to a lot of relaxing, worked at two amazing labs at UMD. One was the Center for Satellite and Hybrid Communication...

FireRift – What I’ve Been Waiting For


Being a web designer and developer, the CMS I choose for a client is a huge issue. I wrote a little bit about it before. However, sometimes you just can’t find a CMS that will work for that particular project, and, barring changing the architecture of the site to fit in the mold, you’re left writing your own system for displaying and updating content, which, sadly, I’ve had to...

Tweet Tweet! StartupTweet is open!


Late last week Sam Huleatt approached me to tell me about a side project he was working on, in addition to his company and main product. I, while working for JESS3, volunteered to help out, and whipped up a logo for him. Sam launched it today. StartupTweet is an open forum for people to make micro-posts. You’ll be able to subscribe to the content over Twitter. Pretty neat, right? Check it...

Apple’s Design Guide


Happened across this – Apple Human Interface Guidelines, along with having the standard instructions for developing a product that looks, well… Apple-y, has some great content in their Characteristics of Great Software section. When making design decisions regarding features in your application, it’s important to weigh the costs, not all of which are financial, against the potential...

Zvi Band Relationships are our most important asset.

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