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Advice for New Dads


Our daughter was born over the summer.

Like any new father, there is the macadam of emotions, most pervasively the fear of the unknown regarding caring for a new, and completely dependent, life.
So I solicited a bunch of advice from friends and, rather than keeping it to myself, put it into an ebook for future new dads.
Get it here, and good luck!



There’s a certain frustration around the democratic process – while “every vote counts” we can’t help but feel that our actual vote is an infinitesimal part. I’ve been impressed with recent efforts, and of course Contactually is part of that (our preference is to cancel all in person meetings). We can go further than that, and, YMMV, we should go further than...

Angry Shakespeare Slackbot


I was curious about the big move to chatbots, and how that applies to Contactually and user interfaces in general. So, as an exploration, I built a simple bot that runs on Slack. And just for fun, it’s a bot that lets you hurl insults extracted from Shakespeare’s works. Say hello to Angry Shakespeare. Building a chatbot is a refreshing experience. With the incredible fragmentation +...



One of the qualities we look for in all of our hires is adaptability. One is almost guaranteed to have a different job with different tactics than they signed up for, and someone who stubbornly thinks that they can simply one they did yesterday will drown. Adaptability has a cousin that is just as valuable in a person, and plays an even more important role in the aggregate culture of a company...

Being right


  As the most tenured person in Contactually (dating back to origination of the idea), it’s no surprise that I am a host to many opinions. What the perceived correct answer to a question is, next best action, how to interpret the data. With greater frequency, my opinion is overruled. While some may think a leader who never “gets their way” would be an incendiary one –...

DC Tech Meetup


The first DC Tech Meetup was held over five years ago. Around 150 people gathered in our law firm’s meeting room to hear a couple demos. Next month we’re hosting our 47th meetup. We have over 16,000 members of our group. Each night attracts anywhere from 400-900+ people. The staying power of this, organized by otherwise-busy technologists, is a testament to the massive growth of the...

Levels of the business


On Monday morning, I was reviewing copy for an email campaign for new trialing users. On Monday afternoon, I was in a room full of VCs and their Limited Partners, discussing how turmoil in the middle east was impacting global financial markets. One of the more intellectually enjoyable opportunities as a founding CEO is to work at many different levels of the business. Most of my colleagues focus...



One of the exciting things about going from “doing it all yourself” to “doing it mostly yourself with some help from employees” to “your employees do everything” is seeing the outcome and impact of what they’ve produced. One of the interesting things to see is what employee contributions have a lasting impact – which becomes their legacy after they’ve left. They may have moved to another...

Staying Technical


My foray into entrepreneurship began soon after I took my first post-graduation job, when I found my nights and weekends being spent coding. To my surprise, ~9 years later, I’ve come full circle – spending nights and weekends coding. My teammates who have the unfortunate duty of sitting near me hear me give the same anecdote repeatedly during initial introductions. I’m a software developer...

Taking planning seriously


We’ve always taken the idea of planning seriously, but have recently focused on improving the act of planning. We’ve iterated through different planning methods, and have now handled on what we believe is a really elegant homegrown planning system. I’ll share that at some point. We took a step back and realized that one of the biggest blockers was actually getting it done. Every month I had to...

Zvi Band Relationships are our most important asset.

Zvi Band

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I'm also passionate about growing the DC startup community, and I've founded Proudly Made in DC and the DC Tech Meetup.