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Iran and New Media


Three things really stand out about the current Iranian conflict. 1. User generated content is easily able to slip through any blocks that the government puts in place over traditional media.  Journalists were locked in hotels in the dark, while a protester sitting on a balcony can snap pictures and post on Flickr/YouTube/Twitter/Blogs. 2. Instead of new media sources being used to highlight...

I’ve got a Tumblr


I’ve realized that I’ve been running a Tumblr miniblog for months, and haven’t actually publicized it.
While I prefer to use this blog to “write stuff” I do find a good amount of cool stuff as I’m online, and collect it all on Tumblr.
Check it out!21stcenturydigitalboy.com
The name is after a song by Bad Religion:

Thummit: Micro-reviews you can use


As I have recently moved into downtown Bethesda, and my girlfriend Alex has moved into Dupont Circle, we find ourselves eating out at a restaurant more often than not (even though we both love to cook). We’re always up for trying new things, so we rarely visit a restaurant more than once. For that reason, we spend a lot of time on Yelp, looking for well-recommended restaurants that we think...

The future of TV is here… kinda


A while back I had posted my thoughts on the future of television. Other people, such as Jeff Pulver, have also had this in their crosshairs. While others are entrenched in how we will watch TV, and where it’s coming from. I’m more interested in what we do while watching TV, particularly integrating the social element that we have when watching a show with other people. Looks like CBS...

At it again, the Debate Hub


When I first made the jump from a big consulting company to a tiny creative agency, I was worried I would be spending most of my time doing small boring web projects. Yeah, right. As if I the C-SPAN Convention Hubs that I wrote on earlier weren’t successful enough, we at JESS3 teamed up with C-SPAN and New Media Strategies again to launch the Debate Hub. I served as lead developer. Not only...

AppInADay Round 1: FriendCompare


Stemming out of an heated conversation about who knows what, an idea was born. Jesse and I decided to hold off client projects for one day (just one, calm down!) and set out to build an entire Facebook application from scratch. We had tossed around different ideas in the week before, but by the time we set marker to whiteboard on Monday morning, we had locked down an idea – Facebook friend...

Facebook Day


The usual frenzy and buzz surrounding Facebook will peak today as Facebook has their second developers conference. Mike Arrington thinks he know whats going to be launched. Facebook payments platform Facebook Connect Three tier application system We’ll have to see what happens, but…. The Facebook payments platform will only work is if it is ridiculously easy to pay for something...

Rebuilding ZviBand.com Part I: The Feed


In order to better establish a web presence for myself, I am rebuilding my own website. I have big ideas for this, displaying my writings, past and present, my interests, my friends, my work, and also as an living technical showcase for my abilities. One feature I wanted to have is a display of whatever I am up to in the online world. I wanted, to start out with, aggregate my Flickr, Tumblr...

Did I build one of the first microblogging tools?


A little over two years ago, in the summer between graduating and starting a “real job” I spent a good amount of time at the gym, brushing up on my various web skills, and building cool apps. I didn’t necessarily want to get rich off them, they were more exercises in taking my ideas and actually doing something with them, rather than letting them linger in the netherworld of...

Zvi Band Relationships are our most important asset.

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