I'm a Web Developer and Entrepreneur out of Washington DC.

Zvi Band

Founder of Contactually.
I'm also passionate about growing the DC startup community, and I've founded Proudly Made in DC and the DC Tech Meetup.




I had an idea. (repeat 1,000,000x) I had an idea. I wrote it down. (repeat 86x – based on Evernote usage since August ’09) I had an idea. I wrote it down. I talked to a lot of people about it. (repeat ~30x) I had an idea. I wrote it down. I did a basic Read More

Toggling Between Values in jQuery


I had a need for switching back and forth between two different values in a hidden input field. I couldn’t find any decent plugins to achieve this, so I wrote a little jQuery plugin to handle this. Download here. Using it is dead simple, just pass in the two values you want to toggle between.

DC Open311 API – Ruby Gem


Background: The DC government is exposing an API for their 311 call center, to allow application developers to build open source tools to make it easier for citizens to submit issues. As part of it, they and iStrategyLabs have launched a second Apps for Democracy contest. The creative juices are flowing, and I have a Read More

Obama Widget, Version 0


I had an idea for a widget, and felt like brushing up on my Flash and Actionscript skills. Here is a very very rough Version 0, with Clearspring already set up! I have to work a lot more on the style of course. I’m also thinking that these narrow dimensions just arent cutting it.

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